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We help professionals, just like you to make a step change to flourish through life's challenges at work AND at home.

Feel like your life is an endless replay of the mundane and you are in survival mode? 

If you wake up every morning and dread the day, something needs to change. And we don’t recommend just running away from it all, we did that, and it doesn’t work.  

Come learn the tools and strategies which can transform your life with our online courses and one-to-one coaching. 

We've tailored our content to professionals in the Australian and New Zealand culture.

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James and Carly Hopgood

It’s nice to meet you!

Hi, we're Carly and James, the couple behind the name. 

As dedicated professionals and parents from Australia and New Zealand; we've learned that work and family commitments don’t have to be all-consuming. We made a sea change to run away from the day-to-day grind, only to find we still had much to learn about balance!

It's our mission to help professionals flourish in their careers AND at home.

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Grey Wilson

I've done both individual and group business coaching with Carly.

Before the individual coaching, I had some classic impostor syndrome symptoms and just felt lost in my leadership journey. I didn't know where to take things or what I was supposed to be doing. Carly helped me see that I actually had the answers I was looking for with in me and didn't need to keep searching externally for something else. And there wasn't a certain way I was supposed to be doing things. I just really needed some help clearing that fog. 

When we did group business coaching it was very similar as we had a lot of fog around where we wanted to develop our business. Our session with Carly was deep and intense but it was amazing and I left feeling empowered, I left feeling like we knew what we needed to do. Since then we have implemented very specific project planning approach to our business development and it just changed things entirely, so thank you!

Jacqueline Griffin

For me, the coaching was really revolutionary. Because once you are able to get to the root cause of the issue or have somebody give you that insight into the root cause of the issue, then all of a sudden you feel like everything else becomes really easy. You feel as though where you were stuck, there's now a really appealing way forward.

While my challenge seemed on the surface to be about my client, it was actually to do with some very deeply rooted personal matters that I was currently working through in my own life. Carly really held that safe space for me to be able to be vulnerable, be open, and in a way that helped me to figure out my own problems. This wasn't about her necessarily solving anything for me, but her gentle questioning meant that I was able to reach that point much faster than I would have by myself.

Annette Sweeney

We (my leadership team) were stuck in our head with old ways of working, not valuing our contributions and struggling to get the team growing in their work.

The coaching really dug deep and got me to find and understand some of the core beliefs that were holding me back and limiting the way that I approached my work and how I lead my team. It was pretty challenging and confronting at times, but the greater self-understanding and belief that things can change for the better that came out of the coaching are invaluable.

As a leadership team, we’ve changed our mindset, messaging and how we go about our work – it’s a work in progress, but a weight has been lifted and my work life is filled with more joy, appreciation and far better outcomes.

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