Coaching, Courses & Workshops

If you've decided it's time to stop the daily grind and feeling overwhelmed no matter what you do, you've come to the right place. I offer a range of 1:1 Coaching Services as well as a 12-week online course designed to equip you with the tools to flourish in your career and at home. 

I also offer Team and Strategy Workshops for professionals. 

Team & Strategy Workshops

High Performing Teams Workshops

Setting a great team culture doesn't happen without thought and reflection. Our workshops provide a framework to set the team culture by working together, so you get a culture the team buys into - and therefore practices.

We deliver the workshops face-to-face around New Zealand. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

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Strategy and Planning Workshops

With today’s pressures, it's more important than ever for professionals to take the time to check they are on the right path.

Our workshops provide time and space to check your direction of travel (and to fine-tune your teamwork) using a structured framework tested across the public infrastructure sector in New Zealand and Australia.

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