Who Are Sajer Group? 


Sajer Group are Australian and New Zealand coaches, consultants, and experienced professionals who understand that a holistic approach to career and family life doesn’t happen by accident.

Together, we can support you to transform your struggle with work-life balance and help you to thrive, through courses and coaching sessions. 

Carly and James Hopgood founded Sajer when they wanted to share their journey from the treadmill of day-to-day grind to a life of loving family, fulfilling careers, and healthy lifestyle. As engineers, with decades of experience, they know the pressure of raising a family, keeping a marriage alive, AND keeping your career moving forward. 

In fact, they understand the pressure so well, they made a sea change in 2017 and moved from Sydney to regional New Zealand.

Carly is a certified professional coach and she loves helping people reflect to discover what is going on under the surface so you can think of different actions to get a better outcome. 

James & Carly Hopgood nee Price
Carly Hopgood nee Price

What Do We Do? 

We teach professionals the steps they need to take to transform their careers and family life into a life they are proud of. 

We know first-hand that internships and university degrees do not equip you with tools for building a life and legacy you love. That is why we empower you with tools and strategies for the journey, taking the guess work out of which habits and tips to work on. 

We deliver this through specially designed online courses and one-to-one coaching. 

Why Do We Do It? 

We started the mission of helping professionals build the lives they desire, because we believe that everyone can impact the world when they thrive. 

We also believe the next generation needs role models that empower them to live meaningful lives in the face of such huge challenges that the world faces post-pandemic – and only when the leaders and parents of today thrive will they be able to be those role models. 

That is why we are driven to work hard to give you all the tools and strategies we have found by trial and error over the years, so you can take the guesswork out of transforming your struggle. 

James Hopgood

We’re Sajer Group. 

We’re on a mission to help professionals flourish in their careers AND at home. 

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