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Want to live more vibrantly? My simple approach for more energy.

Nov 23, 2022

I often get asked, “How do have time to do everything you do?” 

I work fulltime as a manager, I’m on the school board, I run this business, I paint watercolors regularly, I read loads of self-development books, and I am still fit – not to mention the family and the house. 

So what is my secret? 

It’s that you are asking the wrong question – I have the same number of hours in the week as everyone else. 

The question should be, “How do you have the energy to do everything you do?” 

Now energy is not equally distributed like time is. I’m sure you’ve found that old saying true – if you want something done give it to the busy person. Sure, we all are different physiologically and can’t live at 110% all the time. But some people seem to have more than their fair share of energy for quite a large proportion of time. 

So how do I cheat the energy gods and make sure I maximise my energy? 

I call it my Mind-Body-&-Soul routines. Keep all three fit and aligned and is amazing what energy flows.  

Mind Routine For More Energy

I remember talking to a former colleague who was quite the high flyer, and yet had a great relationship with his wife and kids. At the pub one Friday night, I quizzed him – how did he stay so chilled in such a high pressure job and have time for family? He responded “One person’s stress is another person’s challenge. I just look at the situations as puzzles to be solved, and I like puzzles.” 

It got me thinking – the way we think about things, the words and phrases we use, matter. They set the tone for your body to follow. 

When I changed the story I kept telling myself, I experienced something unexpected. I stopped thinking “I’m so busy, life’s so busy, I’m so overwhelmed, I’m just so tired” and instead changed my narrative to “Wow, another opportunity, let’s see what I can do here”. By being curious about what I could achieve instead of telling my body I’m tired, I started having more energy to deal with it. 

The story I tell myself in my mind hugely influences my energy levels. 

Body Routine For More Energy

I do not claim to be a body expert, there are many fitness trainers, nutritionists and health coaches who have a wealth of knowledge about routines for raising your fitness and energy levels. 

But in simple terms, I’ve found that movement begets movement – that is, when I spend energy exercising, it actually leads to my body having more energy longer term. You would think it would be food that fuels energy levels in your body, but its exercise. 

Think about how you feel after a big meal – like having a nap. Now think about how you feel after going for a walk with a friend – like you are energised to face the day! 

I’m not the most consistent person – my habits are pretty changeable. But one thing I do is move my body every day. In different ways, everything from long walks with friends, to tennis, to bike riding and sometimes it is only stretching and light yoga. 

The daily movement in my body (of some description) hugely influences my energy levels. 

Soul Routine For More Energy

Have you ever noticed that some “relaxing” activities give you energy and some drain you of energy? I find that I am pretty low on the energy scales after I binge Netflix, but I am ready to go, go, go, go after I paint a landscape or sketch a figure. 

I’ve found the difference is whether I’m nourishing my soul or just passing the time. We all need time to relax – but all relaxing activities are not created equal. 

The nature of nourishing activities is different for everyone, some people get joy from creating something new, like painting, or sewing, or gardening, or cooking a beautiful meal. Some people get joy from socialising with the right people, or playing a team sport, or hiking with friends. 

But the draining activities are similar for everyone – when you just absorb something in a passive state, it does little to build up your energy reserves, it just doesn’t deplete them as fast as running around doing the grocery shopping. So those couch-lounging sessions, social media scrolling or gaming marathons just aren’t as nourishing as the creative or socialising ones. 

The type of activities I fill my relaxing time with hugely influences my energy levels. 

Mind + Body + Soul Routines = Increased Energy Levels 

There is no pill to take to suddenly have super-human levels of energy, and I haven’t touched on the most powerful one – knowing what you want in life with empowering clarity, which always fuels your energy drive. 

But with simple, consistent routines to nourish your mind, body and soul, you can maximise your energy levels.  

Imagine what you could achieve with those energy levels! Maybe you could write a novel, or start a business, or learn to paint, or start a chess club, or tend your garden. Or just have energy to kick the ball with the kids and be present at dinner with the family, after a long day in the office. 

I recommend using the energy for fun, fulfilling activities, not cleaning the house. But that’s my bias speaking – don’t ask James or my mother-in-law about my housekeeping abilities… they don’t really exist. 

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