$1,200.00 NZD

One-To-One Coaching

For lasting change you need an accountability partner, someone who will 

What you'll get:

  • Six one-on-one 45 minute Coaching Sessions with Carly
  • Clarity and focus about your next goal
  • A plan to get results FAST
  • Ongoing accountability about achieving the plan, including adapting the plan as you implement it
  • Opportunity to apply tools you learn and reflect with the coach to embed your learnings into your life

Carly's coaching sessions are in New Zealand and Australian time zones. While we work hard to make her times available, it is not always possible to have the initial session within the first couple of weeks of purchase.

What People Are Saying:

We (me and my leadership team) were stuck in our head with old ways of working, not valuing our contributions and struggling to get the team growing in their work. The coaching really dug deep and got me to find and understand some of the core beliefs that were holding me back and limiting the way that I approached my work and how I lead my team. It was pretty challenging and confronting at times, but the greater self-understanding and belief that things can change for the better that came out of the coaching are invaluable. As a leadership team, we’ve changed our mindset, messaging and how we go about our work – it’s a work in progress, but a weight has been lifted and my work life is filled with more joy, appreciation and far better outcomes.

Annette Sweeney